Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips

#1 Keep an eye on right metrics

You will often get distracted by different metrics, so focus only 1 or 2 metrics to see performance of your campaign.

#2 Marketing Automation

There are hundreds of repititive tasks in Digital Marketing you can automate many tasks like in Google Analytics or using Google Sheets.

#3 Follow Marketing Influencers

You will learn latest developments in Digital Marketing and get actionable tips. Follow now.

#4 Learn from Competitors

All big companies keep an eye on their competitors online campaign. You should too. Follow them closely.

#5 Repurpose Content

You can repurpose content which is created for blog or marketing. This will save lot of time.

#6 Ride on latest wave of Social Media platforms

Insta reels is giving unimaginable reach currently which is difficult to get normally. So make best use of it.

#7 Capture email and own the data.

Its important to own the data and connect directly with users rather than depending on any Social Media platforms.

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