Top 7 SEO Hacks for 2022

#1 Highlight important text in "BOLD" This way Google interprets easily what this content or article is about.

Index your content  blazing fast using Google Index API and also Bing API

Create  Topical Clusters. Create authority by writing extensively around a topic. E.A.T. is the way.

Write for new queries. Daily Google encounters 15% newer queries. That's huge. Reason why Google is always looking for Fresh content.

This is most underrated. Update OLD Content. Include relevant images, videos, gifs, infographics. Make it Epic.

Google thrives on web of links and content. Provide Links. Internal Linking is the way. Check all the possibilities of interlinking your articles.

Unnecessary pages might be eating up your crawl. Block pages like tag. Save up crawl budget.