Career in  Digital Marketing

SEO Specialist

SEO expert helps a company rank on Google search page. This brings lot of free organic traffic and of course the business. There are hundreds and thousands of openings for SEO experts globally.

Social Media Specialist

Do you like Insta ? Well most of the Millennials like it too. Help companies and brand reach out to millennials like you through Social Media Channels and you have  a strong career in it.

content  Writers

Important block to increase traffic a website needs  content. Thats where Content Writers are required in huge number. Experienced ones make a good money.

Email Marketer

There are billions of  mails sent on daily basis. There is always a requirement of Email Marketer in an internet first company. Automate emails, increase the open rate, make it work. You will have rewarding career. They really need you.

Content Strategist

As I told earlier, company needs content writer. Many content writers. To scale. To manager the content on scale, company needs content strategist. You can grab this opportunity by some experience in this field.

Performance Marketer

You can bring business by advertising on Social Media channels by running campaigns. There are lakhs of opportunities online.

Data Analyst

What's the basic difference b/w traditional and digital marketing? You can measure the mktg campaigns. This creates lots of data online. To churn insights from this humongous data company need you. The Data Analyst.