900 Increase in Organic Traffic in 11 Months 1

How I Scaled an Edtech blog from 5K to 51K Clicks/day Organic Traffic in 11 Months [Case Study]

Last year, in April, I got the opportunity to work with a leading Edtech company based out of Bangalore.

My friend referred me to this company, connected me to the Co-founder. Referrals are gold mine. Create your network.

The company was facing many challenges in terms of Digital Marketing when I joined as an independent consultant. Including increasing online presence and organic traffic. As India was locked down in March 2020, there was a surge of traffic on Educational website and the company was upbeat about that and wanted to capture more traffic.

I focused on SEO first to capture organic traffic for their blog. The result.

You can download the case study here.


  • 5K to 51K clicks/day (weekly avg) in 11 Months in Google Search Console. Increase of 900%.
  • 3,342 keywords to 10,452 keywords ranking on First page of Google in 11 Months [ SEMrush ]. Increase of 212% in keyword coverage.
  • 3.2K to 26K Avg Organic Sessions/day in 11 Months.

The main challenge company was facing related to scaling Organic Traffic from Google –

900 Increase in Organic Traffic in 11 Months 1


  • No Clear Strategy
  • Creating lot of content with out any plan
  • Technical SEO issues

These were 3 major challenges, along with many other issues.

So as I started working the first thing I did was doing extensive SEO & Website audit.

What were the findings?

  • Keyword Research & mapping was not done due diligently
  • Category mapping was not done effectively
  • Silo Structure was not followed properly
  • Continuously content was not updated
  • Team was not oriented towards solving the targeted groups (TG) problem


  1. Content Marketing
    1. Focus on Specific Topics
    2. Increase Topical Relevancy [E-A-T]
    3. Completing Silo Structure
    4. Periodically update old content
  2. Technical Content
    1. Improve Internal Linking
    2. Improve Crawling & Indexing
    3. Focus on Structured Data like FAQ Schema, How-To Schema, Practice Problems Schema
    4. Periodic Site Audit and improvement in Website Performance

These 2 strategy worked in favor and I was able to scale the blog.

Download the case study here.

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