Digital Marketing Basics

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of advertising products and services through various channels such as social media channels, SEO, email, and also mobile apps. Essentially, digital marketing is any type of marketing that surrounds electronic devices.

With the help of these online social media channels, digital marketing is a way by which companies endorse services, goods, and brands. Customers heavily depend on digital means to research and explore products. For instance, just think with Google marketing insights, and then say that 48% of the consumers initiate their inquiries on search engines, although 33% look to company websites and 26% explore within mobile applications.

While present-day digital marketing is a huge system of channels to which marketers plainly must onboard their brands, marketing online is much more multifaceted than the channels alone. To achieve the accurate potential of digital marketing, marketers will have to start digging deep into today’s huge and complicated cross-channel world to find out strategies that create an impact through engagement marketing. 

Engagement marketing is the technique of forming significant interactions with possible and returning customers based on the information you collect over time. By appealing to customers in a digital landscape, you construct brand awareness, and set yourself as an industry thought leader, and also place your business at the forefront of your customer when the customer is ready to purchase.

Why choose Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps you attain a bigger audience than you could through other traditional methods, and aim the forecast who are likely to purchase your product or take service. Furthermore, it is often more cost-effective than conventional advertising and enables you to measure your success daily and revolve as you see fit.

You can choose to target only the potential customers

If you put an advertisement on television, in a magazine or publication, or on a billboard, you have inadequate control over who watches the advertisement. Of course, you can compute certain demographics — counting the magazine’s typical readership or the demographic of a given neighborhood— but it is still largely a try in the dark.

Digital marketing, on the other side, allows you to recognize and aim for a highly-specific audience, and send that audience personalized high-converting advertising messages.

It is more cost-effective than other marketing methods.

Digital marketing permits you to keep a record of the campaigns daily and reduce the amount of money you are investing in a certain channel if it is not demonstrating great results. The same cannot be stated for traditional forms of marketing. It does not really matter how your billboard is performing — it will still cost the same, as to whether or not it yields good results for you.

Plus, with the help of digital marketing, you have total control over where you choose to invest your money. Perhaps rather than spending for Pay-per-click campaigns, you can choose to invest money in design software to create high-converting content for Instagram. A digital marketing strategy permits you to constantly pivot, ensuring you are never wasting money on social media channels that do not perform well.

Digital marketing lets you outrank superior players in your industry.

If you work for a small-scale business, it is likely tough for you to battle with the major brands of your industry, some of which have millions of dollars to spend on television commercials or other nationwide campaigns. Luckily, there are several opportunities to outrank these major players through planned digital marketing initiatives.

For example, you might find certain long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product or service and can create high-quality content which will help you rank on search engines with the help of those keywords. Search engines do not care which brand is best, or largest — instead, search engines will give priority to content that resonates best with the objective audience.

Moreover, social media helps you to reach new audiences through a program called influencer marketing. If you work for a small company or a medium-sized company, this could be a good opportunity to consider.

Digital marketing is measurable.

Digital marketing can enable you to have a complete, start-to-finish view of every metric that can matter to your brand — including views, impressions, clicks, shares, and time on the brand’s page. This is one of the most beneficial features of digital marketing. Even as traditional advertising can be useful for selected goals, its biggest drawback is measurability.

Unlike many offline marketing efforts, digital marketing permits marketers to see precise results in real-time. If you have ever put an ad in a newspaper, you will know how tough it is to guess how many people flipped to that page and noticed your advertisement. There is no guaranteed way to know if that advertisement was responsible for any sales at all or not.

What does a Digital Marketer Do?

Digital marketers are the ones driving brand awareness through all the digital channels or social media channels — both paid and free — that is at a brand’s disposal. These digital channels include social media, the brand’s website, if any, search engine rankings, display advertising, email, and the brand’s blog.

The digital marketer generally focuses on a diverse key performance indicator or KPI for every channel so that they can properly calculate the company’s performance across each channel. A digital marketer who is in charge of SEO, for instance, calculates their website’s organic traffic. The traffic has come from website visitors who had found a page of the company’s website through a Google search.

Digital marketing is approved across many marketing roles nowadays. In small companies or start-ups, one generalist can own many of the digital marketing plans described above. And he can own all of these at the same time. In larger companies, these strategies have multiple specialists. Each of them focuses on just one or two of the company’s digital channels.

Marketing Lessons

Know Your Customers well

We all have watched Money Heist. Well, mostly, I guess. Remember how Professor, no matter the situation, would come out victorious, every time we thought that he was stuck or that there was no way out for him?

This happened because he knew the system inside out and always kept a counter move ready. He understood how the police thought and this helped him outthink the police, the government, in every step of the show.

Now, Netflix too learned this insane lesson from the Professor and made sure to hit it out of the park with the marketing campaign of Season 4 part 1 of Money Heist.

They understood the incessant need of the audience to watch more of Money Heist as the Season 5 part 1 premiere date came closer.

They anticipated this mad love of the audience and created morsels of content for the Money Heist fam, which were delectable.

From Netflix’s version of the Tokyo Olympics to Professor and Berlin discussing the show’s end, the buzz of the show was kept alive and the audience was kept hooked.

So this way, if Digital marketers have a clear knowledge of what the audience wants, it just gets easier to sell the products. Once you know what your customer wants from you, accordingly you can plan your counter move. This will not only increase sales of the products but also provide the consumers with a seamless experience of purchasing your services.

Planning will always save your day:

Planning and proper research are at the core of any digital marketing strategy. But before planning your marketing strategy, conducting thorough research will help you alleviate the risks and prepare for unanticipated issues beforehand. 

Nobody showcases this lesson better than, of course, The Professor himself. The entire heist was built around his methodical planning and research. We were enthralled to see how well he had planned his every move and had an emergency plan like – ‘plan Chernobyl” for every opportunity. 

Just as the heist would not have been achievable without the Professor, any digital marketing plan wouldn’t work without thorough planning. You can try many great things, but if they are not incorporated and strategized enough, they would unavoidably fail to gain your marketing goals.

Creativity Wins The Game

In the Honeycomb game of Squid game, contestants had to challenge conventions and think out of the box to survive. Now, having a creative mind means leveraging one’s understandings to find an unconventional solution to the problems at hand. In a rapidly changing world, endurance for a business wants one to be thinking fast, flexible, and become accustomed to changes. To a digital marketer, creativity helps to push the boundaries for inventive solutions that will provide your business a competitive edge.

Play to Your Strengths

Just like the participants in the tug of war game who were given roles based on each one’s strengths, a good digital marketing team is supple and leverages the individual flair of the team members to bring out the needed results. Assigning the correct person for every role, playing to their strengths, and also having good quality teamwork that will allow your organization stays at the top of the market game.

Improvisation is important

We have all hated Tokyo at some point or another for having thwarted the plan by her impulsiveness. Every time the team members had to improvise and manage to keep the plan together. Improvisation is an important skill that every digital marketer must own. 

Moment Marketing has grown to be indigenous to digital marketing. One cannot survive without the other. So if you have to stay relevant, moment marketing is the only way to go. It is a lifeline that marketers obtain every once in a while, as it permits them to piggyback off the ongoing trend.

A Jaipur-based company had given the 3rd of September off to its employees to Netflix and chill. This news had been trending on social media. Netflix elegantly used it for the promotion of Money Heist season 5. This once again won our hearts with its quirky thinking.

Show Empathy and Kindness

In the Squid game where only the fittest will live on, there is no space for empathy. In a fascinating twist, some participants showed their sympathetic and empathetic sides. Empathy is in all probability one of the most crucial business skills to have. Placing yourself in the shoes of your consumers can help you build up better digital marketing solutions modified to their needs. Compassion, sympathy, and empathy often capitulate better results and insubstantial pay-offs.

Focus on Branding

Even while the professor and his teams were the criminals and the Police were supposed to be the good guys, the public was still with them. How? 

The answer to this question is the lesson. No, the professor’s appeal and intoxicating voice are not the answer, even though it does seem possible. But the real winner is – branding. The Money heist team strategically placed themselves as the epitome of resistance, and the deli mask-clad gang got the public on their side. 

A well-defined branding plan that sits in place with your brand goals is very much needed for the success of your digital marketing strategy. People do not purchase products; they purchase an ideology, values they wish to align themselves with. As a result, building a brand is the single sustainable marketing strategy.

It helps to increase your brand’s recall worth. When I talk about high-quality Spanish shows, people automatically remember Money Heist. If I want to watch something and just relax, I think of Netflix. Why is that? 

Netflix has succeeded in creating that brand over years with brand tag lines like” Netflix and Chill.” 

Learn from Your Competitors

Completing last does not always mean that you failed. In the Squid game, in the game called ‘Glass Stepping Stones’, we came to know that the person coming last had the benefit of learning from his other competitors’ mistakes and thus to make better-informed decisions. In Digital Marketing too, the same equation applies. We use competitive data to create strategies that obtain the advantage of our competitors’ weaknesses to improve our brand performance.

Play to your strengths

The professor always stayed put to his strengths. With his capability to take care of everything from behind the scenes, he did not have the skills that were required to carry out the heist, so he elected others to do it while he stuck to what he knew he did best. 

The same goes for every business, but as digital marketers, we need to incorporate this lesson in everything we do. As marketers, we should understand our brand’s strongest points and highlight them through our digital marketing attempts. Gauging the authority of our content and the platform best for its success is a daily fight we must win. 

Take motivation from Netflix; the marketing campaign of Money Heist’s Season 5 is such a success because Netflix made sure to play to its strengths. It did what it always does best, and the good results are here for us to see 

So what is it that Netflix did?

They personalized these promotional campaigns. 

It carried out region-centric marketing campaigns to promote the last season of Money Heist. In India, the show will be released in various languages. To promote the same, it endorsed a star-studded Money Heist anthem video of ‘Jaldi Aao,’ which features superstars like Anil Kapoor, Shruti Hassan, Radhika Apte, Vikrant Massey, Rana Daggubati.

Take Risks but Play Clean

Players in the Squid game resorted to, pushing others down, telling lies, or betraying the faith of others to go forward in the game. Though, it was the main character who showed the most kindness to all the other players that survived and won the game. Similarly, it pays for the industry to stay truthful and fair in its marketing efforts.

Evolution Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, like all the other industries, continues to develop with the discovery of new technologies. It is necessary to keep up with such developments and to stay in touch with your audience. But it is also important to understand the basics of the field to fully appreciate the modern-day techniques and use these to establish certain digital marketing strategies.

 What does the future hold?

Based on the latest trends, we can make certain assumptions on what the future of digital marketing holds. For instance, the employ of Artificial Intelligence or AI technologies will possibly be more invasive. We currently see it being used in product recommendations, content creation, eCommerce transactions, and many more.

We also anticipate increased practice of chatbots for customer engagement. Already, Mastercard is using a Facebook Messenger chatbot with ordinary language processing capabilities to decode customer needs and act in response to queries like a human. 


Well, that is all about it for the basics of digital marketing. Even though this is an ever-growing field, these basics will always come in handy.

You now have a sufficient understanding of the central components of a digital marketing strategy. The biggest challenge for most businesses is that it is many-sided. This is just a general overview of everything related to digital marketing that one should know to begin with.

Now that you know the basics, you are better prepared to make decisions regarding your Digital Marketing Career.

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